social network cullIt seems quite commonplace for people to assess the value of their social networks on an individual level.  They’ll go through their contacts and if people aren’t proving valuable, or more likely are annoying them in some way, they’ll be culled from their contact list.

Whilst that seems quite common, culling the actual networks we use seems much less common.  When it comes to deciding which networks we use, it so often seems that fashion plays a major part.  We feel we can’t not be on particularly trendy networks.   When Pinterest was the hot topic for instance, many no doubt flocked to it expecting it to do wonders for them.  The same happened when Google launched communities on Google+.

That’s nice and all, but it assumes that both you have unlimited time, and that each new network delivers equal returns on the investment you make in them.  Neither is true.  Your time is valuable, so lets make sure you make the most of it.

Instead of joining every network going, focus on the ones that are most suitable for your needs and that deliver the best returns.  Don’t know which ones they are?  Then don’t join any until you can figure out how you can measure the success of what you’re doing.

Once you have that clear method of measuring success you’ll be able to decide for yourself which networks are best and you’ll be able to decide for yourself which ones are working and which aren’t.  You’ll be free from following the latest trends or doing what gurus demand you must.

Enjoy this sense of liberation and look forward to a more productive life.