6 thoughts on “The rise and rise of civic crowdfunding

  1. This is a fascinating concept that I look forward to seeing develop further. There do seem to be a few procedural obstacles to overcome for it to become more widespread, but as a way of giving people greater control over how their money is spent it's superb.

  2. This does look cool, but I read that there are something like 31 of these sites in the UK at the moment. That seems far too many to me. Would appear best if these projects were concentrated in a few sites.

    • Yes, I agree. It's still a very new industry though so I'm sure there will be a few mergers over the next year or so, whilst some sites will fall by the wayside.

  3. Given EU-wide contraction in lending by banks, it will be interesting to see if the ECB embraces the potential for P2P small business lending on an industrial scale to fund recovery.

  4. The broad reach of the Internet and a little creative PR, makes crowdsourcing a powerful tool. Imagine that you can reach millions of people all willing to give a small amount of money to make a dream into reality. How cool!

    • Yes it is certainly an interesting time at the moment. I can see some consolidation in the marketplace over the next few years as the industry develops some groundrules and best practice.

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