The Startup Aiming To Bring Sports Analysis To The Masses

Football has become an increasingly analytical and stat based sport.  The huge success of Moneyball highlighted the tremendous performance gains that can be made by seemingly modest teams if they follow the data driven doctrine.

The success of the book, and subsequent film, has prompted the majority of professional teams to deploy platforms such as ProZone to monitor pretty much every aspect of a players performance.

A few years ago I wrote about an Australian platform known as StatsOne.  It was a free app that claims to give amateurs the same analytical support as services like ProZone offer to the pros.

The project was the work of Smart Sports Solutions and aimed to offer players and coaches the ability to both monitor and analyze their performance.  Sadly, the service no longer seems to exist, but another Australian innovation has emerged in its stead.

Video analysis

Flixsense uses AI technology to allow coaches to receive an instant analysis of video footage of a match.  It tracks every aspect of the game, from the goals scored to the passing stats and player tracking.

In addition to working effectively with football, the platform also works well with cricket, where it tracks the ball, the batting stroke and each individual player.  The aim is to provide unique and detailed insights into the footage captured, with coaches then able to feed this into the training they provide to players.

Whether they will have more commercial success than StatsOne remains to be seen, but it’s a further sign of the progress being made in the technology.