New MOOC Launches To Help Make Sense Of GDPR

The last few months have been pretty chaotic as organizations attempted to get their ship in order before the roll-out of the new GDPR data privacy regulation.  The somewhat chaotic nature of many attempts did little to quell the impression that many had little real idea what it meant for them and their business.

It isn’t too late however, and a MOOC that has been set-up by PA Consulting, UCL Consulting and FutureLearn may provide a good place to start.  The course aims to teach employees who deal with any form of customer data how this data can be handled safely, securely and respectfully under the new regulations.

Getting it right

The regulation, which promises fines of up to €20 million or 4% of company turnover, has forced data governance to be a priority among all organizations.

The MOOC is a three week course that is taught by Dr Nathan Lea, an information governance expert at UCL, and PA Consulting’s data expert Ross Bogert.  It’s designed to offer an introduction to the core principles of the regulations and the numerous legal requirements that accompany it.

“Given the complexity of GDPR which is principles-led, we are seeing a large demand from organisations for practical advice and accredited training that’s available online and easily accessible to everyone in an organisation. The combination of FutureLearn with its leading training platform, UCL who bring academic rigour, and PA Consulting Group with our extensive practical expertise of GDPR implementation, is unique in the delivery of GDPR training,” PA Consulting say.

The three week course costs £199 to enrol on, and is available now via the FutureLearn platform.