I’ve long had a soft spot for America.  The entrepreneurial spirit that seems to flow through its people strikes a chord and despite the battering the country’s reputation has taken under the Bush administration it has remained dear to my heart.

And so it was with some relish that I looked forward to the series that sees Stephen Fry travel around each of the 50 states in his own homage to the land that was almost one he could call home.  The prospect of the wonderful Fry and the wonderful America so enticed me in fact that I shelled out for the accompianing book.  Both the book and the initial program on Sunday night were nice tasters of just what it is that makes America a special place.  It would have been nice if one or the other had given a little more depth.  After all, each state is almost akin to a European country in size and variety so I was sometimes left craving more.

I guess the answer to that would be to take the plunge and embark on a road trip of my own, or more couragesly to try and get into Stanford to do the MBA that I have so often dreamt about.

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