My first proper club ride

Today I joined the nice folks from Dulwich Paragon for their Saturday club ride.  They go for a 50 odd kilometre ride out into the London countryside.  All very nice and genteel on what was a lovely autumn day.  Little did I know however that today was also the annual club hill time trial, whereby each rider goes at 1 minute intervals up a stupidly steep hill for nearly a kilometre.  It might not sound very far but rest assured it is a couple of minutes of lung bursting effort.

The course is the same one used in the Bec CC Hill Climb, one of the leading such events in the country.  Don’t have any pics from the event today but some of these from the Bec Hill event may give you an idea of the anguish involved 🙂

You may be able to tell the gradient of the climb from the pictures.  Rest assured it was bloody steep.  Anyway, dragged my butt up the hill in 2mins 44seconds, not too bad for a first effort.

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