Jidelni listek prosim

Jitka's aunt is visiting her today so I'm meeting them both for dinner (or vecere) later on.  She doesn't speak English so it's time for me to brush up on some Czech food related terms (btw, the title asks for the menu)

Jidelni listek prosim The menu please
Snidane Breakfast
Obed Lunch
Vecere Dinner
Kavu prosim Coffee please
Vyborne Very good
Ucet prosim The bill please
To je v poradku It's ok (yeah I don't know how either)
Kde je toaleta Where is the bathroom?
Velky Big
Maly Small
Voda Water
Pivo Beer
Vino Wine
Caj Tea
Na Zdravi Cheers
Mate jidlo? Do you have food?
Co doporucujete? What do you recommend? (apart from never ever saying that
Mate? Do you have?
Chtel bych I would like
Trochu A few
Potrebuju I need
Moc horku Too hot
Moc Chaladno Too cold


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