New app helps you find lunchtime networking dates

Since working at CMI I've found myself doing a whole lot more on LinkedIn, and it is without doubt a fantastic resource for B2B marketers.  Through the site I've managed to meet many fascinating people and networked for ideas a whole lot.

So, a new app launched recently could be a fantastic addition to the toolkit.  It's called Lunchmeet,  It's an iPhone app that connects up with LinkedIn and tells you if any of your network are in the vicinity and available for a lunchtime catchup (presumably other times are available).

Here's how it works (according to their website:

  • Sign-in with your LinkedIn account (necessary)
  • Let the app know when you will be available to meet and where
  • Search for other professionals in your area who are also available within the same timeslot
  • Invite them to a lunchmeet! 

It's a free app so I'm going to give it a whirl today and will report back.  Has anyone else used this?


4 thoughts on “New app helps you find lunchtime networking dates

  1. Ok, I set things up and so far no matches are available. Suppose the more people use the app the more powerful it becomes, so get signed up everyone.

    • Hi Cheez. That's right. So far not many people from my network are signed up. Not sure how active the developers are in promoting the app but as with any network related service it is reliant on strong membership numbers.

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