Enterprise 2.0 – the rise of the community in business

I spoke a few weeks ago about the growing importance of community management skills in the general management toolkit.  This rise occurs because we are increasingly collaborating and communicating with colleagues across boundaries using social media technologies.  Add in that Theory Y people are motivated not by extrinsic means but by intrinsic motivators and general management begins to align with many of the things that community managers are doing each and every day.

Anyway, here's a good talk by Andrew McAfee on Enterprise 2.0

Andrew McAfee: What is Enterprise 2.0

How are you using web 2.0 technologies and philosophies in your organisation?


6 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 – the rise of the community in business

  1. This is without doubt the way business is heading. Everything is pointing this way and the only thing that's holding it up is managers stuck in the past dragging their feet.

  2. Adi, fabulous link – maybe your best yet 😉 Seems to me like a new dawn… EMERGENCE as a concept seems to really be picking up speed, Andrew McAfee’s presentation is so ahead of the curve. Thanks for sharing, maybe you should join the DMan programme for Non linear dynamics at University of Hertfordshire Business School, I think you would enjoy the content 🙂

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