Cloud computing is one of those things that has been set to change the business world for a few years.  When most heavily hyped, paradigm shifting arrive on the scene there will always be those that hold back, fearful of the change it will bring, unwilling to move out of their comfort zone.  If the potential benefits are sufficiently large however many will tentatively make the move.

Social business expert highlights 8 ways that cloud computing will change the business landscape:

  1. The creation of a new generation of products and services.
  2. A new lightweight form of real-time partnerships and outsourcing with IT suppliers.
  3. A new awareness and leverage of the greater Internet and Web 2.0 in particular.
  4. A reconciliation of traditional SOA with the cloud and other emerging IT models.
  5. The rise of new industry leaders and IT vendors.
  6. More self-service IT from the business-side.
  7. More tolerance for innovation and experimentation from businesses.
  8. The slow-moving, dinosaur firms will have trouble keeping up more nimble adopters and fast-followers.

If you're still not convinced, the Process Excellence Network are hosting a webinar next month that aims to lift the fog on cloud computing and how it can help your business.  It's a free event running on the 7th March.  Well worth checking out if you're interested in the potential benefits of cloud computing.  To register visit the link below.