I've been asked to deliver a training session on the use of Twitter in event marketing, so thought I'd share here some of my thoughts thus far.


  • Make sure the event Twitter account is included in all event literature
  • Schmooze sponsors and speakers by commenting on stories relating to them (mentioning that they are speaking/sponsoring the event of course)
    • Use lists to segment the Twitter accounts of speakers, sponsors and delegates
  • Comment on topics that are discussed at the event
  • Respond to delegate queries
  • Define the hashtag.  You can search to see if it’s being used elsewhere at http://hashtags.org/
  • Send delegates a pack on how they can use social media at the event
  • Run a live blog at the event so that delegates don't need to take notes
  • Mention the hashtag in event literature
  • Mention that there will be a tweet-up at a particular time/place (maybe in the bar after the event?)
  • Promote the live blog – ask delegates to promote it to their colleagues – it’ll save them having to make notes and will prepare them for the post-event debrief when they return to the office
  • Try posting up materials that support the event
    • Maybe the speaker has videos of them on YouTube you can share
    • Maybe the sponsors have whitepapers you can share
  • Build anticipation around the event


  • Conduct the live blog – showing it on screens throughout the venue as well as on the event website
  • Solicit questions from Twitter for the speakers
  • Run polls to solicit opinion during the event
  • Post up photos of the event – don’t forget to post photos of you with the speakers and @reply them so their followers get to see it. Ditto for sponsors and other influential people.
  • Run the tweet-up and use it to network with delegates.  Maybe give them something unique to just them.


  • Use a hashtag to solicit feedback from delegates
    • Display these on the post-event page (along with the live blog, photos, videos, podcasts etc.)
  • Use a service such as http://blastfollow.com/ to follow all of the people that have posted with the hashtag and keep in touch with them
  • Share any material from the event, such as photos or videos.
  • Encourage delegates to post their own photos onto the brand Facebook page


How else can you use Twitter for event marketing?