How do you cope with big data?

Business is awash with data like never before, with the social media revolution ensuring that no company can ever say they lack information.  The problem now is how to make use of that information in a meaningful way, and this is an issue that many companies and software providers struggle with.

Forrester suggest that big data requires big process, ie the ability to look at business process management as an overarching project that brings in the entire enterprise, and does not see silo type projects that fail to aggregate data effectively.  You can find out more in the video below.


Video provided by the Process Excellence Network

How does your company manage data?


5 thoughts on “How do you cope with big data?

  1. No CRM system that I've seen takes any account of social media activity (other than the stuff inputted by the database users that is). Massive missed opportunity.

  2. The major issue with big data for me is knowing what is possible so that I can frame the sort of information that I want. The second issue is, having figured out what is possible, understanding how to actually achieve that. In a way, big data feels like "the internet" to me — it's this sea of information out there, but it can be hard to find the information you're looking for, and even once you find something, there is a question of how reliable it is. At this point, there's no Google for big data as far as I am concerned; no easy way to explore what is possible. And the actual mathematical processes for extracting meaning from the data can be quite sophisticated, which may make it hard for business users to know what is valid.

    • It's an interesting one Terry. Companies like Autonomy have long battled for the tag of the Google of enterprise search, without ever really cracking it. Whether being owned by HP can now help them really crack the market only time will tell.

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