Exciting times for London as Google, Facebook and Amazon open new facilities

You might reasonably assume that the only excitement in London at the moment is surrounding the Olympics, but for those of us of a techie persuasion there is more reason for joy, as three tech giants open up new facilities in the capital.

First this week we had news that Amazon were opening up a new facility near Silicon Roundabout for the development of on-demand products for their LoveFilm and PushButton businesses.

Then we had news that Facebook are to launch their first engineering facility outside of America.  The new facility is to be located in Covent Garden and will focus on mobile, which is a key battleground as more of us start using social networks via our phones than we do our desktops.

And last, but certainly not least, we had news today that Google are to open Creator Space, which will be a new facility for YouTube video creators.  Check out the video below from Google on the kind of things the Space will offer.

When I moved to London four years ago I did think that it would be the best place for the digital industry in Britain, but since then it has really grown apace, and these moves are further sign of the growth in the online industry in London.  It's fantastic to see.


4 thoughts on “Exciting times for London as Google, Facebook and Amazon open new facilities

  1. Great to see London able to attract these kind of companies. Anything that sees it diversify away from the City has to be a good thing.

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