As regular readers of this blog will know I’m not a fan of the obsession with followers and fans.  News broke the other week that Mitt Romney has been boosting his followers on Twitter by seemingly buying lots of fake followers.  It really does underline the futility of this obsession with numbers.  It’s no better than in the old days of the web when people would go crazy over how many hits they had, hoodwinking the unaware into believing that 1 hit = 1 unique visitor, when of course the reality was so very different.

The problem of crowdturfing is sadly not uncommon though.  Research earlier this year found that nearly 50% of the followers on big brand Twitter accounts are in fact fakes.

I’ve said many times that each community you build on the web should have a purpose, whether that’s delivering customer service or soliciting new product ideas.  It’s that purpose that underpins your ROI because it directly links into your business.  Have x number of followers is completely worthless and therefore its pointless focusing on that as a metric.

Anyway, rant aside, there’s a nice tool created by Status People that lets you analyse your Twitter account to see how many fake followers you have.  It breaks down your followership into good, bad and fake.  Here’s my score below.  Post up your own in the comments section.

how many fake followers do you have?