david cameron on twitterAt the Conservative Party conference yesterday it was announced by David Cameron that he would be joining Twitter.  As you can see from his first tweet below, he claims he’ll be providing insight into his life as Prime Minister.

Am I the only one that thinks “who cares”?  Maybe not, as after all he has accumulated just under 100,000 followers since that first tweet, so presumably there are a few people out there that want to listen to what is said via the account.

The thing is, does anyone really expect that he’ll be doing any of the writing himself?  Will he be engaging with any of those 100,000 followers if they were to message ‘him’?

I strongly suspect that the answer to both of those will be a firm no.  The account will be written by a member of his PR team, and it will be largely used as a broadcast medium, because you can control what you say much better if you’re not engaging in the fuzzy medium of actual conversation.

Of course Cameron is far from alone in this because celebrities (and indeed businesses) galore have been tempted by the lure of social media as a means of reaching lots of people very easily and very cheaply.  Suffice to say however that many of them forget that social media, by its very nature, should be social.

So I’m afraid you’ll have to forgive me if I find the news that DC’s PR team are now on Twitter rather underwhelming.