Air BnB housing the homeless after Sandy – how to use your community for good

air bnb housing the homeless after sandyHave you heard of Air BnB?  On the off chance you haven’t, they’re a unique travel site where you can look for accommodation.  The unique thing is that instead of looking for accommodation in hotels and guest houses, you’re looking for somewhere to stay in regular folks houses.

Regular folks can advertise their spare rooms/garages/sofa on the site for others to rent it for their holidays or other trips.  It’s a fantastic idea that offers a unique and innovative twist to travel accommodation, whilst of course allowing property owners to earn a bit of extra cash.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy however, this community of property owners have started using the platform for good rather than just profit.  They’ve been using the Air BnB platform to offer up accommodation for those that have lost their homes as a result of the storm.

According to their blog, they’ve thus far managed to give around 4,000 people shelter.  With obviously many more people in need, they’re upping the ante.  Whereas previously things had all been community led, now Air BnB are mobilising their own resources to help make this happen.  They’re removing their usual fees, allowing people to offer up their spare space to those affected by Sandy for free.

Anyone taking part in the scheme is listed on the Donated Sandy Housing List, so it’s nice and easy for those in need to find those participating.  In addition to the free listings, there is also a discounted list as well.

So the Air BnB community has mobilised to make thousands of homes available to those in need in the storm affected areas.  Whilst most organisations have some kind of CSR policy, this is a fantastic example of how communities can self organise around a common cause when the platform exists to enable them.



12 thoughts on “Air BnB housing the homeless after Sandy – how to use your community for good

  1. Wow, I wasn't aware of this recent initiative by AirBnB yet it doesn't surprise me either. The concept behind this site is essentially community-based, so kudos to them for pulling together in a time of need, rather than trying to squeeze the lemon of profitability.
    Nice post, Adi!

  2. Of course it's worth remembering that it is the generosity of people doing the good deeds here rather than Air BnB, but still a nice story.

  3. And we thought the world had lost compassion….Way to go Air BnB and of course it wouldn't be possible without the generosity of those admirable people offering their homes. Love it! Thanks for sharing Adi.

  4. Great initiative from Airbnb, it's always nice to see the whole community involved in helping people in need. It is obviously a great communication strategy for Airbnb but that's not important here.

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