content marketingContent marketing is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing at the moment.  The idea is a simple one – you create great content that publishers want to host but that also provides some marketing benefits for you too.  This can be in the form of a backlink, branding or thought leadership.

Guest blogging is a staple of content marketing, with the traditional approach being that companies write an article and then look for blogs to publish it for them.  It’s not a bad system by any means, but it can be quite labour intensive, which is where a site like PostJoint might come in handy.

PostJoint is a network for bloggers and content marketers.  It takes a slightly different approach to content marketing as it invites marketers to submit content they would like blogs to publish.  Bloggers then provide a bid to host that content, with that bid consisting of the fee they’d like to receive for publishing the article, and whether a tweet is included or not.

Lets look at the advantages for those on both sides of the fence.

How PostJoint can help content marketers

The obvious benefit is that it provides an easy way for you to find bloggers with an interest in your content.  You submit your article and then leave it up to PostJoint to direct the bloggers to it.  Simple.  The network moderates any blog applying to join so you have a reasonable level of assurance that you’re dealing with quality sites, and the bid system gives you a decent idea of the traffic levels involved.

How PostJoint can help bloggers

The nice thing for bloggers is that you get both content for your site and potentially some extra cash for publishing the content.  Each article is reviewed by moderators from the site so you are assured that the content is of decent quality, is unique and not overly promotional.  A drawback however is that you only get to see the first paragraph of the article, so you’re guessing to an extent on the kind of content you’re being asked to publish.

I’ve had a play around with the site over the last few weeks, and whilst it’s certainly a promising idea, I have a few gripes about the site.

How PostJoint could improve

  1. More bloggers and advertisers – A bit of a chicken and egg scenario I know, and the network is only a few months old, but having more people on both side of the fence would certainly help.
  2. Show the entire article – If you’re reviewing bloggers then I think more good faith should be afforded them that they won’t steal the content added to the network.  It’s hard to judge content you can’t see.
  3. Add more social media options to the bid – Whilst traffic and page rank for a blog are important, the social media reach of a blogger is another asset that should be of value to content marketers.  At the moment that isn’t something that is really elaborated on.
  4. Make it more transparent and social – It would be great to be able to see information about both ‘advertiser’ and ‘blogger’ so you can see who it is you’re working with, especially as money is involved.

Overall though the site is well worth checking out for both bloggers and content marketers.  It’s very easy to use and should speed up the process for both parties.  If it can continue to evolve its offering then even better.