IBM and how technology will shape business

It’s widely accepted that mobile, big data and social are converging to have a huge impact upon the corporate world.  What’s more, this change is happening at break neck speed.

This week Ginni Rometty spoke at an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations.  She spoke about how technology is changing how business is done.

For instance, she believes that data will increasingly be used to make decisions for managers rather than relying on the intuition and instinct of the manager, all of which will require a significant shift in mindset.

She is equally effusive about the role of social in the modern enterprise.  She suggests that the social network will be the new production line in the company, giving employees access to one another.  In the near future, she believes “your value will not be what you know, but what you share.”

The shift to social will affect the entire way the enterprise operates, from how companies hire to how they appraise.  Workplace analytics will harvest employee data from colleagues, customers and of course bosses to provide ratings that will impact compensation.

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