The impact of crowdsourcing on money

The rise of crowdfunding, coupled with the emergence of Bitcoin, has made a significant dent in the way we interact and use money online.

A new report by People’s Lab provides a fine summary of the changing face of money, as mobile and social data alter how we use and collect it.

In the report, they focus on how social and mobile technologies are shaping the future of money. They explore how such technologies are enabling new ways of earning, saving, managing, gifting, lending, investing, and spending money, now and in the future.

It’s well worth a read.  Check it out below.


2 thoughts on “The impact of crowdsourcing on money

  1. Cheers for sharing Adi.. I've been following Bitcoin for years now and the impact it has had has been incredible.. I also think that given that Bitcoin is the first of its kind, for it to have such an impact suggests that any successors or similar digital based currencies could also have success..Rob

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