StorkStand aims to make standing desks a reality

StorkStandStanding up in the workplace is something that appears to have many virtues to it.  The notion of a standing meeting has long been espoused, with supporters claiming that it significantly discourages the kind of lengthy wastes of time that many meetings become.

I also wrote about a study earlier this year that suggested that standing up during meetings can actually improve collaboration.  The study suggested that standing up during meetings can both boost creativity whilst also reducing the tendency of participants to become territorial.

It emerged that there was significantly more physiological arousal when teams were in a standing environment.  What’s more, participants in such an environment were also much more collaborative and less territorial about their own ideas.  Participants in the standing groups also reported that their teams worked more effectively than their seated colleagues.

Making standing offices easier

A new product is aiming to take research like this, and make our workplaces a more flexible place.  The StorkStand is an add-on for the humble office chair that quickly enables its user to turn it into a decent quality standing desk.

The product is a relatively simple one, with a board attachment that can be added to the back of any office chair.  This is held in place by a strap and adjustable bracket, which then allows the user to position the desk just how they want it.

It’s a nice option because it doesn’t require an expensive investment in new equipment, and gives both employers and employees a degree of flexibility over the seating arrangements.

The device is currently on the market for $199, so is a reasonably priced option for employers wanting to try out standing, whether in meetings or during normal work time.

You can check out the StorkStand in action via the video below.  What do you think?  Would you use one of these in your own office?


6 thoughts on “StorkStand aims to make standing desks a reality

  1. That looks really cool actually. I read the other day that sitting at work all day is as bad as smoking. Something like this would be a real boon to solving that.

  2. what causes neck and back pain is the monitor below the eye level. this standing desk, will still put stress on neck and back as the it is below eye level. It will also put stress on legs because you are standing. Just putting monitor on eye level solved my problem. It is like old days, monitor with slimcase. I do not think it is wrong to sit while working. It is wrong to sit for a long period, also it is wrong to stand up for long period.

  3. I saw the other day that there's another study out showing the damage sitting for a long time does to our health. More grist for the mill I guess.

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