Social business Christmas lectures 2014 (part 1)

Last year, in honour of the annual Christmas lectures hosted by the Royal Institution, I posted up a selection of talks that I thought were interesting and related to building a social workplace.

The first featured Scott Page and saw him discuss the importance of thought diversity.  The second talk featured David Aron and looked at how systems thinking helps in times of complexity, before the final talk tried to encapsulate the spirit of Christmas with Adam Grant espousing the virtues of giving.

I thought it was a nice tradition, and the posts seemed to be well received, so I’ll endavour to find some similarly interesting talks for you this year too, should you wish to devour some social business related goodiness over Christmas.

In a slight diversion from last year, I’m going to select all of the videos from TED, as they’re arguably the Raith Lectures of today.

This first talk  features German HR expert Rainer Strack.  He talks about the changing demographic and technological trends and how that’s likely to impact upon the workplace by 2030.

I hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you tomorrow for the next talk, which will be about how better lab testing can help innovation in healthcare.



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