9 thoughts on “New mobile app aims to involve citizens in budgeting decisions

  1. Now that's pretty cool. I'd love to see something like this applied to budgets in British politics, as you suspect many people take a trip to the money tree before coming out with their dream budgets. A dose of reality into the kind of horse trading and compromises needed would be no bad thing at all.

  2. This is actually really clever. I know it's only a top level overview but it would still ensure that a more realistic impression is taken by the electorate.

  3. Would have been nice to have seen this used in the latest UK budget to get a real sense of how the public would allocate the funds available.

  4. Thank you, Adi, for your interest and for highlighting Balancing Act here! I am on the Balancing Act team and want to update everyone that the app now offers full customization, which means any public entity (city, county, state, school district or special district) can use it. Also, to clarify, Balancing Act can actually go beyond "top level items" and is much more than a top-level overview. It can provide any level of detail and drill down into categories as public entity desires.
    We invite everyone to the BA blog to follow our progress and join in our ongoing discussion of public engagement on public budgets. http://blog.abalancingact.com/

  5. Well there's always Budget Simulator from Delib UK, which does much same thing but has been refined, tested and used by 100+ governments over the last eight years.

    I'm the former MD of Delib Australia, so may be biased, but Budget Simulator is a highly evolved tool in this space. You can learn more about it at http://www.budgetsimulator.com



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