Virtual work environment allows employers to ‘try before they buy’

virtual-worldThere is much to suggest that the recruitment process as we know it is broken, with a large number of new recruits failing to make it past the 6 month period in their new role.

Of course, whilst it’s tempting to think of this purely from the recruiters standpoint and assume the candidates aren’t up to scratch, it might just as well be the case that the organization aren’t what was expected either.

Try before you buy

A new HR startup is using technology to create a virtual work environment whereby candidates can go through a range of simulations, both to test their abilities but also give them an insight into what their life may be like in the new job.

The Greek company, called Human.Innovation.Technologies, offer a digital application that can recreate any work situation via your desktop or tablet device.  The simulation can include a number of work positions, tasks and situations.

Each user is given a role within the virtual environment and requested to communicate with their virtual colleagues, complete any set tasks and make the kind of decisions they would be expected to in their job.

A custom work environment

Each work environment is customized to accurately reflect the specific client, with unique interactions and tasks designed to mirror those found in normal working life at the company.

After the candidates have performed in the virtual environment, the employer is provided with a series of reports that contain both individual and comparative feedback on how the candidates have performed.

Suffice to say, the environment can only be designed according to the perceptions of the workplace according to the HR managers, but it might nonetheless provide a greater degree of insight into both the candidates performance but also how working life might be for the candidates themselves.

Check out the video below for more information about the company and its products.


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