UK startup aims to make sense of big data

hello-sodaBig data is a phrase that carries a lot of promise, but the reality is that unless sense can be made of what is often a mass of unstructured and decidedly messy data, little of value will come from it.

One company that’s attempting to provide such sense making is Hello Soda, a UK start-up whose specialty is in helping organizations sift through big data, whether it’s for detecting fraud or verifying identification.

Building a profile

The company’s main offering is a platform called PROFILE, which aims to provide companies with a range of insights from all of the unstructured data they might contain, including from their various social media channels.

The platform meshes proprietary data with public data to create dashboards that help managers make better decisions about customers, whether it’s on things such as interests and hobbies or even employment status.

The Manchester based company is working hard to expand.  Earlier this year it announced the launch of Hello Soda Asia, which is a joint-venture between the company and Asia based Marcello Fontana and Gary Pound.  The venture will operate out of Bangkok and Singapore with the aim of breaking into the ASEAN markets.

Closer to home, the company has also agreed to join the EU accelerator EIT Digital in a bid to expand its reach across Europe.

“We have a number of plans for expansion in key markets both in Europe and the US and are continually developing PROFILE’s multilingual capabilities. We are excited about working with the EIT Digital team to help us continue delivering strong year on year growth, with client feedback to date being extremely positive. Our software truly revolutionises how businesses engage with their customers by enabling the personalisation of automated processes so they can provide the right services to the right people,” says James Blake, CEO and founder of Hello Soda.

I’ve written before about the challenges involved in scaling up a business, and expanding overseas is certainly one such challenge.  I’m sure Hello Soda will benefit therefore by being in the EIT Digital program to give them the support and access required to grow throughout Europe.

Check out the video below to learn a bit more about Hello Soda.



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