The top 100 private AI companies in the world announced

AI is a field that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, which can make it difficult to keep on top of just who is hot and who is not in the industry.  To try and help, CB Insights have produced a list of the top 100 private AI companies it believes are making a dent in the world today.

The companies cover a range of sectors, and many of them have been profiled on this blog over the years.  The 100 were selected based upon a combination of company data, qualitative interview based information, and the Mosaic Score developed by CB Insights, which gives a score for the health of private companies.

“From financial services to healthcare to transport, incumbent companies in every industry are seeing that AI will reshape their industries. And as so often happens, transformational innovation comes from emerging companies. In the case of AI, a lot of the groundbreaking work is being done by the AI 100. The companies in the AI 100 are accelerating research, improving efficiency, and making many game-changing advancements that will be felt for decades to come,” they say.

The spread of AI

The final list was whittled down from over 1,650 submissions, with the list consisting of AI companies in a range of sectors, from healthcare to transport.

One of my favorite entries was the healthcare company Benevolent AI, who use machine learning to improve clinical trials.  I wrote about them last year, and they’ve since gone on to be valued at over $1 billion.

Ken Mulvany, co-founder and Director of BenevolentAI commented: “We are delighted to be recognised as one of the world’s 100 most innovative and important AI companies.  In 2016 we made some landmark senior management hires and demonstrated compelling drug development traction, strong technology progress and major commercial development.  We expect 2017 to be another year of clear progress which will see the start of Phase II clinical trials and the expansion of our business beyond bioscience into other global scientific industries.”

To see a full list of companies included in the list, click on the graphic below.


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