Dresses built according to your lifestyle

Whilst companies such as Zara have pioneered the concept of ‘fast fashion’ that responds rapidly to the changing demands of consumers, the concept of affordable yet customized fashion has remained largely on the margins of the industry.

One service that aims to change that is a new startup called Coded Couture, who aim to develop custom made garments that are perfectly matched to the individual data of each shopper.

The venture is a partnership between Google and H&M’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel.  The service is based upon the Android Awareness app that monitors the activities of each user, before then using this data to create a ‘coded-dress’ that is based upon the routines and behaviors of the user.  Indeed, their movements are even incorporated into the patterns of the dress.

“Where do you regularly eat out for dinner or hang out with friends? Are they more casual or formal meetups? What’s the usual weather when you’re outside?” Google say.

The data results in an incredibly personalized outfit that can then be bought via the app.  Shoppers can choose whether they want their dress to be in professional, party or formal styles.

It is currently being tested on a number of fashion influencers, with the hope being that it will be rolled out to the public later this year.

Check out the video below to see some of the creations in action.



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