A new tool helps researchers show their impact

The last few years have seen a number of projects aiming to prove the impact of academic research.  Probably foremost among these is provided by Altmetric, who try and provide a range of different metrics by which an academic paper can be judged, whether it’s citations or tweets.

They are further expanding their range of tools by launching a new service, called Explorer for Publishers.  The platform aims to make it easier than ever before for publishers to report on the engagement and impact of their work.

The new platform aims to collate attention and citation data for over eight million different types of research.  It also gives users extensive search capabilities, together with a range of visualization tools and export functionality to allow for extensive analysis and reporting.

“Our newly designed platform is a result of our close work with our publisher partners. Their feedback has enabled us to to understand their needs and enrich the platform with sought-after data, analysis tools, new search and browsing features, and a suite of rich visualisations,” AltMetric say.

The desire to both find, and then communicate, the impact of academic research is something that won’t be going away any time soon, so tools such as this are useful in helping universities and researchers showcase their work, and the impact it has.

The new Explorer for Publishers is available now – to enquire about access for your organization please email info@altmetric.com.


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